Welcome to LuvvNation!

Welcome to LuvvNation!

A safe place in a dumpster-fire of a world. Laugh, learn and have elevated conversations.

Welcome to LuvvNation

The online social community curated by Luvvie Ajayi Jones that is your safe place in a dumpster-fire of a world.

Be yourself, and be enlightened, educated, and entertained by people who are just like you - thoughtful, funny, and committed to leaving the world better than they found it.

What is LuvvNation?

LuvvNation is a community of the dopest people from all over the world. Originally, they came together around reading Luvvie’s work, listening to her podcasts, and cheering her on with reckless abandon. Over the years, LuvvNation has shown up for Luvvie in the comments on social and all places online, but as the world feels insane and social media comments filled with stupidity and trash,  it came time to create a way we could all gather and be here for each other.

What Do We Do 


In short, LuvvNation is the place for the most thoughtful, funny, most chill-deficient group of play cousins on these interwebs.

But we’re also a community that comes together to make each other better. With curated conversations, opportunities to connect, and challenges to help us transform and do better in every area of our lives.


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